Developing culture

Building a culture that serves the organisation's purpose

Values drive behaviours which create cultures

Understanding your purpose and values, at an individual level will help you begin to make better, more purposeful decisions. Working with organisations, we help to measure culture (current and future desired state), diagnose cultural barriers and develop actions to transform cultures to achieve your organisation's purpose and vision. We employ the full suite of Barrett Values tools in doing this.

When designing programmes, we will often include activities to help participants explore and understand their values. This insight, once gained, is an important part of the developmental journey. You can begin today, using our free version of the Personal Values Tool. To find out more about how we can help you develop value-led leadership, get in touch.

With the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tool (CTT) we provide a comprehensive insight into organisational culture. Based on a time-tested methodology and respected analytics the suite of tools can be employed at both individual, team and the wider organisational level to identify values which drive behaviours which in turn shape the culture.

Our team of accredited coaches are experienced in implementing the CTT to uncover insights regarding existing and desired values and behaviours. Supported by coaching and developmental workshops a CTT programme would be designed to achieve the agreed objectives. Using data and research we can, if desired, benchmark at the outset then monitor, measure and evaluate impact and results.


Built on 20+ years working with thousands of leaders and organisations across many diverse sectors.


Includes customisable questionnaires to identify and capture measurements of specific and pre-defined attributes.


Certified consultants work with you to support you in identifying clear actions and decisions to deliver better results.


  • Assessments are available for teams and individuals to help develop a unified culture or to inform professional development opportunities.
  • The suite of tools includes a number of assessments for different levels and experience.
  • Suitable for first line managers and above to help identify strengths and areas for development on the journey towards leadership.
  • Can also be delivered as part of a longer term leadership development programme with progress monitoring.
  • Supports ongoing talent management programmes and can aid in recruitment of future leaders and managers.


  • The appropriate tool is selected for the level and experience of the participants, briefed in and distributed for completion.
  • Participants receive a detailed report and dot plot illustration.
  • The assessment can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop following pre-work survey completion and supporting coaching to increase self-awareness and inform a skills and attribute development plan.
  • Our experienced coaches discuss, analyse and explore the insights with participants and provide supporting coaching to explore the insights, uncover deeper understanding and to draw out actionable steps towards personal and professional development.


  • A clearly plotted assessment and accompanying report which can serve as a benchmark for ongoing development and to measure progress.
  • Builds essential self-awareness to help understand strengths and how to optimise them, whilst developing leadership skills and strategic thinking capability.
  • Develops awareness of self and impact on others, and affect positive influence as a result
  • When used in a team context it can support improved performance and excellence in team-working, as a result of a deeper understanding of roles, strengths, influence and impact.

“Primeast was selected following a competitive tender to identify the consultants that could best help us understand the working cultures and opportunities of bringing together two organisations. They were professional, experienced and very knowledgeable, and tailored their solution to meet our business need.”

Colin Whitaker, Director of Global HR Services, ROLLS ROYCE

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