Leading through Purpose and Values

A powerful programme designed to accelerate change in the direction of the organisation's purpose and values

Transforming Leadership

With so much complexity and change, leaders need support to navigate the challenges and investigate opportunities with a different mindset. Traditional leadership styles will struggle in times of uncertainty and business growth could stall. This unique programme focuses on developing the leadership skills needed to be able to lead teams through change, to build a culture of collaboration and accountability in service of the organisation's purpose and vision. Leaders will explore limiting beliefs, emerging possibilities, build trust for courageous conversations and breakthrough collaboration to deliver results and shared success.

This programme is designed to incorporate experiential learning opportunities which results in a transformational shift that is deeply felt by the individual, resulting in improved collaboration, purposeful action and sustainable change.

Do you need to unlock the full potential of your employees to create new opportunities and sustainable change?

Could your teams achieve greater success with more collaborative thinking, increased self-awareness, more effective decision-making and a real sense of ownership?

Are your leaders prepared to explore different perspectives, let go of limiting beliefs and engage in new, creative and agile ways to work?

Programme Content

Providing a safe environment for participants to explore, practice, experiment and learn. The content is designed to achieve a shift in perspective from a traditional leadership mindset to a more creative, growth mindset. Drawing on practical insights which can be applied to the workplace for meaningful action to take place.

Topics include:

  • Exploring business challenges through the PrimeFocus™ framework
  • The fundamentals of Theory U
  • Exploring effective leadership styles
  • Applying 'Immunity to Change'
  • Utilising Barrett Values assessments
  • Iceberg coaching
  • Breakthrough collaboration
  • Prototyping and building momentum
  • Self-managed teams to deliver results
  • Celebrating commitments and success
Traditional to Transformative Leadership Journey

“an incredible, life changing, career defining program for us. Feedback from every single one of my leadership team is simply incredible. We were touched, excited, tired, inspired all at the same time.”

Google gTech, participant on the Senior Leadership Immersion Programme

Programme Implementation

Every solution would include customised design to take into account organisational context and to address the hidden challenges identified during the initial design and development stage. Working together we will identify the appropriate cohort structure, mode of delivery and design materials to suit the audience and to ensure the most impactful learning experience.

The programme is structured as the equivalent of 3 full days depending on the final solution and relevant factors for example the creation of an immersive experience designed to address the specific challenge. Virtual delivery is built to be delivered in sessions of 2 - 3 hours to allow for reflection, practice and developmental or 'modular impact coaching' with digital activities created by our in-house design team. Agreed outputs are created to achieve quantifiable measures and ensure return on investment.

Find out more about working with our team and how we project manage the design and delivery of a customised leadership programme:

How do we deliver virtually?

Virtual sessions are designed using our own MICE framework; meaningful, interactive, creative and engaging. Ensuring a learning experience that makes a difference to individuals and teams. Get in touch to speak to our design team about how we can bring your L & D to life.

People Development

Our Future Skills portfolio modules are delivered virtually or face to face and promise a learning experience that makes a difference. Speak to the team about a customised solution, specific to the challenges you and your teams are facing right now.

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Developing Leadership Effectiveness

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only 360 leadership assessment which is based on the Universal Model of Leadership. When employed and supported by coaching, it is a powerful tool which we employ when working with individuals and senior leadership teams.


Responding to a Changing World

We are all facing unparalleled disruption in business. When operating in a VUCA world, how should we respond?

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Find out more, from Martin Carver, Primeast Director, as he shares his experiences, supporting leaders in a VUCA world. He discusses how we can frame our leadership response using the VUCAR (Vision, Understanding, Capabilities, Agility, Resilience) framework as an effective approach to leading through adversity.

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