5 dysfunctions of a team

What is it?

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s acclaimed framework in “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” this diagnostic tool is designed to help teams identify and overcome the barriers to high performance. By addressing the core elements that often hinder team effectiveness, your team can enhance trust, master conflict, commit to decisions, hold each other accountable, and focus rigorously on achieving collective results.

Why the Lencioni Assessment?

This assessment provides a structured approach to fostering a strong, cohesive team:

Measures the level of vulnerability and openness within the team, enabling members to express their weaknesses, mistakes, and fears without judgment.

Assesses the team’s comfort with engaging in unguarded and constructive debate around key issues, which is crucial for innovation and optimal decision-making.

Evaluates the team’s alignment and commitment to group decisions, ensuring that all members are fully onboard, even after vigorous discussion.

Checks how effectively team members hold one another accountable to high standards and team agreements, which is essential for maintaining a culture of high performance.

Determines the team’s ability to put the collective goals above individual or departmental needs, ensuring that achieving team outcomes is the ultimate measure of success.

Diagnostic Process

The diagnostic process involves an easy-to-use survey where team members respond to statements on a scale from 1 (Rarely) to 3 (Almost Always). This helps to quantify the extent of each dysfunction within your team and provides a clear baseline for development:

Follow-Up and Support

Post-assessment, we offer workshops, coaching, and targeted interventions to address identified dysfunctions. These sessions are tailored to your team’s specific needs, helping you implement practical strategies and monitor progress towards becoming a high-performing team.