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Moved to Lead - Developing embodied leadership

It is proven through research that the best leaders demonstrate an ability to overcome limiting behaviours and an awareness of their biobehavioural blind spots. These blind spots are created through experience and the natural tendency to default to our comfort response mechanisms. Over time these natural defaults can evolve into 'stuck' behaviours. When this happens leaders can find themselves plateauing in terms of their performance.

The Moved to Lead programme is a unique and innovative programme designed and rooted in the science which connects the mind and body; the physiological response to the brain and its bioneurological memory making function.

How will Moved to Lead help your leaders now?

Moved to Lead is a unique programme of facilitated, experiential, whole body/mind activities structured around the core competencies for effective leadership. It combines physical activities, language, feeling and interpretation to uncover insights around perception and personal growth:

  • An initial forty-five minute workshop delivered virtually to set up and introduce the core principles, to build engagement and understanding in the process and to give learning and cognitive context to the programme.
  • Five subsequent session lasting thirty minutes each which will give participants the opportunity to reflect on their response to the activity; exploring the connection between physical and emotional responses to stimuli based on the core five leadership attributes of self-awareness, authenticity, relating, systems awareness and achieving
  • A closing workshop of forty-five minutes to share insights, develop personal commitments and actions to adapt leadership 'habits' to become more effective as leaders
What are the benefits of the Moved to Lead programme?

The programme will provide a much needed break from the day-to-day operational demands and give leaders the time and space to examine how they are present as leaders. It is specifically designed to provide a new and unique perspective to leadership styles and approaches. It is intended to re-centre, re-energise and refocus leaders. The 7-part virtual programme promises:

  • A practical and physiological approach to understanding a leader's personal presence and response to a range of experiential stimuli
  • A much needed 'time-out' to focus and re-energise
  • Raised awareness of individual leadership limitations by opening up channels beyond the intellectual i.e. the somatic and the sensory
  • Brand, new perspectives which provide powerful and personal insight whilst getting away from our seats to learn
  • The opportunity to prepare for further leadership development opportunities using the full Leadership Circle Profile provided by Primeast

Approaching leadership development differently

The programme is facilitated by Sam Ellis (EMEA) or Teresa Haggerty (USA), who specialise in the field of embodied leadership supporting leaders in organisations globally to unlock their leadership potential through a whole person approach. The programme is uniquely designed to be delivered virtually, making the most of the virtual learning environment available to participants and promises to re-set, re-energise and re-focus your leaders at a time when they are expected to be more resilient and agile than ever before.

Meet some of the team

We have facilitated, supported, coached and delivered to a range of global organisations in diverse and often heavily regulated industries. Our network of 120+ Associates and certified practioners are experienced in effecting real transformational thinking and behaviour change.

Russell Evans | Primeast

Russell Evans

MD and CEO

What motivates me is seeing the impact we have on people, both in their professional and personal lives. It's the whole person that really matters and if we can harness that as leaders, the journey is so much more exciting.

Beth Williams | Primeast

Beth Williams

CEO, Primeast North America

I get a real thrill when I see our ability as human beings to work and accomplish more together in the world than we would alone. After all, it's all about the people; that's where my true passion lies.

Sarah Cave | Primeast

Sarah Cave

Director, Head of Leadership

Witnessing the impact of an intervention is incredibly rewarding. Those moments when I see the collective strength of a high-performing, energised leadership team are what really motivates me in supporting businesses.

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