The Leadership System™

Developing the leaders your organisation needs to drive change and improve business performance

A whole systems approach

The Leadership System™ is a complete leadership development approach which has been designed to unlock organisational performance and growth through the building of collective leadership strength. It is based on the Universal Model of Leadership and supported by research conducted on over 50,000 leaders and employees worldwide, proving the correlation between building leadership effectiveness and improving business performance.

“Effective, collective leadership is the single most important competitive and strategic advantage that cannot be copied.”

Mark Fields, President of Ford Motors

The Leadership System™

The Leadership System is a leadership development programme which consists of 5 major components, each reinforcing and adding to the others. Adaptable to respond to the specific leadership needs identified in the individual and collective assessments completed.

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If you'd like to find out more, please book a 30 minute discussion with Gary Edwards, fully accredited in the Leadership Circle Profile™ and System™



The full Leadership System™ program begins with the initial discovery and diagnosis with planned communications across the organization. As providers, we administer the Leadership Circle Profile™ for the selected cohort and schedule all subsequent and related sessions.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the most comprehensive leadership 360 assessment based on the Universal model of leadership. To explore further, you can start by completing the self-assessment below which will introduce you to some of the terminology and key concepts.


The Promise of Leadership™

Participants attend a half-day or full day workshop that frames a collective view of leadership functioning as the kick-off for our Leadership System™. The facilitator embeds the Core Leadership Framework™ to guide all subsequent development work delivering Leadership Circle Profile feedback in a group context. It begins the feedback assimilation process and organizes the next steps.

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The Promise of Leadership

Leader to Leader™

A cohort-based series of half or full-day leadership effectiveness sessions with a range of core and elective modules selected as a result of analysis of the assessment reports completed in conjunction with consultation around the leadership vision and objectives. 16 available sessions encompass a full curriculum of hard-hitting leadership topics and are supported by peer coaching and cohort accountability. Each session can be delivered virtually or face-to-face.

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Pulse Survey™

These near-real-time surveys reinforce a leader's commitment to their Leadership Development Plan™ by inviting an accountability team of colleagues to give direct feedback on how they are following through on their commitment. Measurement of performance against goals over time is vital to the functioning of any system.

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One-on-one Coaching

Every engagement in the Leadership System™ is enhanced by one-on-one coaching. The payback for leaders is worth the investment. The combination of peer cohort coaching with one-on-one leadership coaching has a multiplier effect on the investment; individualising and deepening the personal development experience. This has proven to affect real and long-lasting behaviour change needed to drive business performance.

Working in partnership with Primeast

Primeast works in partnership with the Leadership Circle Group™ supporting organisations globally in leadership development. The team includes the largest number of accredited Leadership Circle Profile™ and System™ coaches in Europe meaning we can provide Leadership Circle™ coaching resource at scale in terms of location, language skills and cultural fit, with additional Leadership Circle™ and System™ coaches in the USA. This means we can support international leadership teams and cross-cultural cohorts.

If you'd like to find out more about the Leadership System™ book a 30 minute discussion with Gary Edwards, fully accredited in the Leadership Circle Profile™ and System™


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