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Nancy Mattenberger, Infor speaks to Sarah Cave

Date: 09/09/2020     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Purpose, Culture, Inspiration

Congratulations to Nancy for being voted one of the Top 25 Women Leaders in IT Services 2020! In 2015 she shared with us her journey, the challenges she's encountered as a female leader, and her tips for those looking to get to the top.

Leading behavioural change

Date: 25/08/2020     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Values, Behaviours, Culture, Change, Leadership

Understanding your own values and behaviour is an important first step in bringing about successful change within your organisation. How shared values and culture will unite teams in pursuit of the organisation's vision

What's Important Now

Date: 30/06/2020     Author: Primeast
Categories: Events
Tags: Webinar, Leadership

Join us for our free 3 part Leadership webinar series designed to help leaders begin to build a better future after the great PAUSE. Examining your role as individual, team leader and the wider organisational context. Introducing a range of proven tools and self-assessments

Returning to work

Date: 23/06/2020     Author: Sarah Cave
Categories: Articles
Tags: Remote Working, Leadership

Sarah Cave, Head of Leadership, reflects on the value of coaching during this 'Return to Work' phase. With remote working now an accepted norm, how does a leader build trust and confidence and a sense of connectedness with remote and complex team structures?

The Next Adventure - creating opportunity from crisis

Date: 20/06/2020     Author: Russell Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Coronavirus, Leadership

Russell Evans considers the opportunity for leaders to re-imagine a new and better future in a post pandemic world and how leaders can begin to create a vision for the future

Understanding your Purpose

Date: 16/04/2020     Author: Sarah Cave
Categories: Development Resources
Tags: Purpose, Leadership

Follow this free recorded session, in your own time, as Sarah Cave guides you through the process as you complete your PVA and explore the true nature of your personal values and purpose. Helping you develop the awareness of what drives you personally and professionally

Building resiliency as leaders

Date: 14/04/2020     Author: Chris Lazenby
Categories: Articles
Tags: Resilience, Leadership

Chris Lazenby, Primeast Associate, suggests some practical ways you can build resilience as a leader during these uncertain times. How managing your own state will ensure you can support your teams more effectively

How to lead in uncertainty

Date: 16/3/2020     Author: Martin Carver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, VUCA, Coronavirus

Martin Carver reflects on the challenges facing all leaders at the present time: how to lead with clarity, vision and purpose in the face of such unpredictable and uncertain times. Introducing the VUCAR response as a framework to guide you

Why purpose matters more than ever

Date: 12/3/2020     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Purpose, Leadership, Coronavirus, PrimeFocus

Clive Wilson considers how PrimeFocus can be used as a framework for leaders to stay true to purpose despite the current challenges. Helping you manage the short term and long term perspectives

Are you fit to lead?

Date: 25/2/2020     Author: Sarah Cave
Categories: Articles
Tags: Fit to Lead, Resilience, Wellbeing, Leadership

Sarah Cave, Head of Leadership at Primeast shares insights into being fit to lead with tips around managing stress, diet and even sleep. With practical tips you take start on today to manage your own and the wellbeing of your teams

How to create an inclusive culture

Date: 7/2/2020     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Inclusive, Culture, Leadership, Teamwork

Simon Tarver writes about his experiences of working with teams, the damaging notion of 'them and us' and the importance of a clear understanding of purpose and vision to mobilise, engage and unify teams

Welcoming Claire Holmes

Date: 30/1/2020     Author: Primeast
Categories: News
Tags: Occupational Psychologist, Strengths, Barrett Values, Leadership Circle

Claire Holmes joins Primeast as Senior Client Manager and brings 18 years experience in European Life Sciences, followiing senior roles at the European Medicines Agency and Accenture.

How to lead in a VUCA world

Date: 04/01/2020     Author: David Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: VUCA, Leadership

David Evans reflects on the need for a new set of skills in a rapidly changing world that will help leaders navigate the challenge and uncertainty they face on a daily basis. And why we must focus on learning and development that develops the internal operating system

Self-awareness - the beginning of leadership

Date: 22/11/2019     Author: David Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Mindset, Leadership

Inspired by Antony Tjan, David Evans considers the whole person leadership approach and why it is critical when investing in improving leadership effectiveness. And why the first step in any development journey is self-awareness

The leadership ecosystem

Date: 29/10/2019     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership

Exploring the nature of dispersed leadership and how it can be applied in the context of a complex leadership system; the subject of our latest Talent Forum. Leaders explore a topical workplace challenge facilitated by Clive Wilson using action learning sets.

Leading with authenticity and integrity

Date: 15/10/2019     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership

A shining example of leading with authenticity and integrity to ensure a level playing field whilst building trust among your stakeholder groups - a valuable lesson for any leader

Are you a snowplough employer?

Date: 17/9/2019     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Events
Tags: Leadership

Clive Wilson Primeast and Denis Kelly ESB explore the millennial or "Snowflake" Generation at Dublin Talent Forum. How to source, grow and retain technical talent that can develop the future skills that currently don't exist but will be critical to our future as a business.

The 5 creative competencies you need to succeed

Date: 21/8/2019     Author: Sarah Cave
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Leadership Circle

Sarah Cave explores how the Leadership Circle can help you understand the critical competencies Leaders need to be able to lead an organistion through change and challenge and how to improve your leadership effectiveness

The Primeast 'Leadership Cycle'

Date: 30/7/2019     Author: Sarah Cave
Categories: News
Tags: Leadership, Leadership Circle

Primeast's Leadership Cycle and the parallels we can draw with our Leadership Circle diagnostic tool which we use to help develop outstanding leaders

How to foster purposeful leadership

Date: 14/7/2019     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Purpose, Leadership, Leadership Circle

Clive Wilson explores how the Leadership Circle 360 degree instrument can be used to give your leaders feedback on the extent to which they are creative or reactive leaders

Defining culture and values as leaders

Date: 16/5/2019     Author: David Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Culture, Values, Leadership

David Evans explores the roles of culture, values and purpose in leadership. We can develop the self-awareness and creative competencies to deliver the conditions in which everyone can do their best at work.

How to manage cultural alignment during M&As?

Date: 3/5/2019     Author: David Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Culture, Change, Mergers & Acquisitions

David Evans shares his experience of working with organisations during merger and acquisition to build cultural synergy across diverse structures, locations and teams

How to boost collective leadership effectiveness

Date: 26/3/2019     Author: David Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership

How a Primeast Leadership Development programme can improve the effectiveness of your collective leadership team using The Leadership Circle to transform organisational performance

Use it or lose it - the Apprenticeship Levy fund?

Date: 19/3/2019     Author: Simon Tarver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Apprenticeships

75% is not spent, use yours for the York St John MBA. If your organisation pays the apprenticeship levy (England) talk to Primeast about senior leader degree apprenticeships with York St John University

Line managers as champions of learning

Date: 18/1/2019     Author: Russell Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Learning & Development, Culture

How embedding a culture of learning in your organisation starts with line managers and ensures any investment in learning and development is sustained for long term behaviour change and improved performance

It's a wonderful workplace

Date: 8/1/2019     Author: David Evans
Categories: Articles
Tags: Wellbeing

When it comes to management of mental wellbeing in the workplace, there is a fundamental link between an organisation's values, its leadership style and its culture that cannot be overlooked.

Launching the York Executive MBA

Date: 10/10/2018     Author: Primeast
Categories: News
Tags: Apprenticeships, leadership

Global business and university academics have joined forces to offer a career-enhancing opportunity for the region's leaders. Level 7 Degree Apprenticeship Executive MBA launched by York St John University and Primeast.

Managing millennials

Date: 2/3/2017     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership

Millennials are taking their place in the world of work - it's troubling for some leaders that this group are deemed harder to engage with and understand than any other. We look at what Simon Sinek has said about this generation.

The power of generative listening

Date: 23/1/2017     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, leadership development, teamwork, behaviours, culture, mindset,

The benefit of listening is something that every good leader will appreciate and understand. Generative listening could hold the key to a more productive future.

Switch on and mix up blended learning

Date: 17/8/2016     Author: Emma Heaps
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, blended learning, learning & development, inclusive, inspiration, leadership, mindset, teamwork

Our Head of Client Solutions offers a different way of looking at how to design a blended learning program is to think about how to make the best smoothie.

Primeast presented to HM the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Date: 8/9/2015     Author: Primeast
Categories: News
Tags: Inspiration, Purpose, Teamwork

In recognition for achieving the Queen's Award for International Trade, Primeast's Russell Evans and Sue Walsh were presented to Her Majesty the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

10 Principles to Drive Change in Organization Structure

Date: 25/2/2015     Author: Clive Wilson
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Change, Culture, Purpose, PrimeFocus

Clive Wilson highlights 10 principles that can be used to support organisational change efficiently and effectively in an increasingly complex business environment.

Women in Leadership: Pauline Yau, Microsoft

Date: 13/2/2015     Author: Primeast
Categories: Article
Tags: Leadership, Purpose, Culture, Inspiration

Pauline shares her journey, experiences and challenges as a female leader in the Tech industry. And thoughts on the current environment for professional women.

Women in Leadership: Andrea Cartwright, Supergroup

Date: 16/1/2015     Author: Primeast
Categories: Articles
Tags: Leadership, Purpose, Culture, Inspiration

Andrea shared with us her journey, the challenges she's encountered as a female leader, and her tips for those looking to get to the top.

The role of emotional intelligence in the pharma industry

Date: 9/10/2014     Author: Martin Carver
Categories: Articles
Tags: Emotional Intelligence, leadership, teamwork

Developing emotional intelligence of those within the pharma industry can improve individual, team and project performance.

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